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The MoralDNA of Employee-Owned Companies Report September 2015 – The latest UK research on the impact of employee ownership on the culture of the company and its moral DNA.  The research found that 95% of workers in employee-owned companies report the ownership model having a positive effect on the workforce’s commitment to their company; 91% say it has a positive impact on their organisation’s performance; and 87% say that it enhances their company’s ability to attract new talent. 

UK Top 50 Employee Owned Company Report July 2014, EOA UK

Nuttall Review of Employee Ownership – What the UK Government has achieved one year on

Shared Company – How employee ownership works, this gives information about how companies with extensive employee ownership out perform the market.

Why Britain needs more private sector employee ownership

Making Employee ownership Work – This report is designed to help co-owned companies get more from the employee ownership advantage. It compares how 25 co-owned companies handle key performance issues such as employee engagement, reward, governance, culture, and social responsibility.

Employee ownership, motivation and productivity (UK)

Engaging for Success: enhancing performance through employee engagement

The Nuttall Review of Employee Ownership – Sharing Success

The UK Government Response to the Nuttall Review