Awards Night 2013 – Our Award Winners

by Employee Share Ownership on June 12, 2013

Most Effective and Innovative Communications Program – Yum! Restaurants

 YUM Yum has won both the 2012 and 2013 award category.  The judges (Graeme Nuttall and Loren Rodgers) were extremely impressed by the the innovative ways that Yum communicated.  They used online presentations, starter packs, employee stories, simple language and face to face information sessions. The diversity of the Yum restaurant group, the length of time the plan had been in operation as well the participation rates achieved were seen as some of the deciding factors in awarding Yum this category 2 years in a row.


Best New Employee Share Plan – Newcrest Mining Limited

Newcrest Newcrest Mining already has a long history of employee ownership but this year it introduced a new plan for all its employees that added to that existing foundation.  The judges were impressed by the amount of consultation and engagement that Newcrest had undertaken internally to produce the final plan type and extent of the matching element.  The take up rates in the first year were considered to be exceptional and significantly above market practice.  The judges noted that the 15 year history of employee ownership in Newcrest showed a strong commitment in this area.


Best Performance in Fostering Share Ownership (less than a 1000 employees) – Mutiny Gold Ltd

 IMG_0935 Mutiny Gold a Perth-based gold company with gold assets in Western Australia and Victoria was selected as the best performing company at fostering ownership for less than 1,000 employees. Mutiny Gold have a relatively small employee population but their plan was offered to all their employees.  It had a high take up rate of 54%.  The judges were very pleased to see the commitment to communication and engagement with the entire employee population.  They also highlighted the personalised approach that was taken to discuss the plan with employees.


Best Performance in Fostering Share Ownership (more than a 1000 employees) – Telstra

 Telstra (1) Telstra were one of the speakers at the Conference and spoke about their recent work in engaging and communicating their plans to their employees.  The judges were incredibly impressed by the high take up rate in a company of Telstra’s size.  The offer was made to over 30,000 employees with a take up rate across all countries of 85%. They also liked the communication program and commitment to fostering ownership across all of its employees for the last 7 years.


Best International Plan – Telstra

 telstra Telstra also won the best International Share Plan category. Telstra’s strategic decision to expand the employee share plan to its employees globally has not been without its challenges because of some of the jurisdictions in which they operate.  The judges were impressed by this decision, the way the plan was communicated, the effort to increase participation and the active use of the managers to promote and help employees with their decisions.  The increase in participation by 30% in the last 2 years was a significant factor in the final decision.


Best SME/Succession Plan – Deswik Mining Consultants

 Deswik Deswik Mining Consultants is based in Brisbane and has been operating in Australia and internationally for two decades.  The judges were impressed by the open and full discussion with all employees, that the Plan was built by General Manager and his team and the high take up rate of 80%.  Every employee was offered some level of ownership in the company.

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