Australian Institute Survey on the Prevalence of Employee Share Plans

by Employee Share Ownership on July 10, 2013

The Australia Institute conducted an online survey in April 2013. Respondents were sourced from a reputable independent online source and they earn reward points to participate. Results were post weighted (n = 1,407) by age and gender based on the profile of the adult Australian population. Small variations in sample size can occur from rounding errors as a result of the weighting process.
Survey question
Has a company you have worked for ever invited you to be part of an employee share or equity plan?

Results Table

The results show that only a small percentage, 20% of males and 11% of females, in the survey have been invited to participate in an employee share plan.  The highest prevalence was in participants aged between 25-34, closely followed by participants aged 45-54.  Salary also impacted the likelihood of participation in a plan with salaries above $60,000 more likely to offered equity.  The highest bracket being those earning above $150,000.

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