Case Studies

Learning from Australian SMEs who made Employee Ownership Work

The John Lewis Story

We the Owners: Employees Expanding the American Dream captures rare insider stories of employee-owners and founders from New Belgium Brewing Company, Namasté Solar, and DPR Construction – each have chosen different employee ownership models, yet are driven by common principles such as sharing responsibility and rewards, open book management, and preparing for their next leaders. Hear insights from successful entrepreneurs and experts, and learn firsthand how employees have experienced the benefits and challenges of employee ownership.

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Arup’s Story

Arup has a reputation for pioneering innovations and for fresh approaches to age-old challenges.

The firm’s ownership structure – held in trust on behalf of its employees – ensures that Arup retains its independent spirit. Arup’s operating principles and commitment to sustainability is paramount. These shared values unify Arup people – a formidable and diverse group of individuals; freely exchanging ideas and sharing opinions.

Over the years, Arup has been recognised for as a leading organisation for gender equality in the workplace by The Times in the UK, Australia’s Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency and as a top employer of graduates by the Australian Association of Graduate Employers.

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SRC’s Story

Learn how Jack Stack and his fellow employees transformed a failing division of International Harvester into one of the most successful and competitive companies in America using employee ownership.

Mondragon’s Story – Defying the Crisis

Mondragón in the Basque Country is the largest employee owned cooperative in the world and manages what other Spanish companies are struggling to achieve; bucking the trend by generating an annual turnover of €14bn despite the economic crisis.

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