Employee Ownership Index

Do companies with Employee Ownership (EO) outperform?

2017 Employment Ownership Index Media Release

Employee Ownership Australia and New Zealand (EOA) believes that employee ownership increases employee engagement and work satisfaction, helps improve individual and company performance, and workplaces that are more diverse, inclusive and sustainable. International analysis has highlighted that when ownership and participative management are combined, substantial business gains result. However, in Australia the evidence has been a bit thin on the ground; until now.

As the above infographic shows, employee share ownership brings with it financial and social benefits in Australia. Employee engagement and positive workplace interactions are linked. Presence of good equal opportunity practice is much higher where companies in the ASX 200 also have employee ownership. Job security, health and safety and training and development also feature in these companies.

EOA is a not-for-profit member-based organisation that has funded the development of this index independent of government or other external support. Our research shows that responsible investors looking to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance should consult our Employee Ownership Index to find high-performing companies to invest in. Members of EOA can download our research to find out how employee share schemes in Australia can be linked with employee well being, and the degree to which this is a cause or a coincidence.

You can download our PowerPoint presentation and outcome summary by Corporate Analysis Enhanced Responsibility (CAER) through contributing $50 towards EOA research costs. Members get the reports for free via a member-only newsletter. 

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You can download a PDF of the Employee Ownership Index Infographic Here.