About Employee Ownership Australia and New Zealand, Our History and Our Vision.


Employee Ownership Australia and New Zealand (EOA) was formed in July 2011 out of the Australian Employee Ownership Association (AEOA).  EOA has the same principles as those shared of the AEOA’s founders.  When AEOA was formed by 20 companies in 1986 its principles were to be a member-focused, non-profit association. Its purpose was to assist members with their employee ownership (or co-ownership) plan, employee engagement and involvement and employee participation levels.

In March 2011 the AEOA undertook a strategic review.  This happened at the same time as the Employee Ownership Group decided to wind down. The EOA was formed to ensure that there is a voice for broad based employee ownership and dynamic workplace participation in Australian and New Zealand companies.  The EOA is an organisation focussed on engaging with and helping companies that have or want to implement employee ownership or employee share plans.

EOA is independent and entirely member funded.

Our Aims
EOA’s core aims are:

  • to be the centre of excellence for companies seeking to implement or support employee share ownership or ESOPs;
  • to be the voice on employee share ownership issues in Australia and New Zealand;
  • to encourage research into the productivity impacts of employee ownership;
  • to encourage government at all levels to develop taxation and other incentives to promote employee ownership; and
  • to provide exceptional services to our members.

Our Employee Share Ownership Plan Policy

The EOA recommends that public policy should be formulated so as to promote employee share plans for the following purposes:

  • to better align the interests of employees and employers;
  • to encourage employee engagement and participation;
  • to develop national savings;
  • to facilitate the development of sunrise and start-ups enterprises; and
  • to facilitate employee buyouts and succession planning.

What you can expect as a Member:

  • Regular blogs that help demystify employee share ownership;
  • A Quarterly E-bulletin that deals with topical issues and developments;
  • Reduced rates for our extensive training programs;
  • Reduced rates for the Annual Conference and Award’s night;
  • Free access to a network of like-minded people to exchange ideas, experience and practices ;
  • Access to experienced, specialist advisors for advice on tax, legal, ESOP finance matters and also access to like minded HR specialists, company secretaries, workplace relations professionals and employee representatives;
  • To be an active voice in research and policy work that can be used to influence Government and other decision-makers;
  • Access to our ESOP specialist accreditation program (currently in development);
  • Free information and help line – expert guidance available to assist you with any employee ownership queries that are not of a legal or tax nature;
  • Access to our international connections.

If you would like to join our mailing list please sign up here. If you would like to become a member today and join other like-minded organisations please join here. If you are interested in training programs or our current training program topics please let us know.